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Posted By Rhino on 04/16/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes


Let’s be real here. My wife is never going to look like Andie Valentino from Stunners. She doesn’t have the body type. Her breasts are not as big. Her hair doesn’t have that much body.

So do I kick her to the curb because of this fact?


For one, the cost of giving her half of everything and paying child support, alimony and what not is too cost prohibitive.

Do I pay for a set of tits and lipo?

Again. Do I really need to spend that kind of cash?

The answer? Hell no!

I am fine with hanging out in the Stunners members area instead. For just under $25 a month Stunners allows me to pretend I am fucking a different babe every single day of the year. Which is also something that would be cost prohibitive to do in real life.

Everything about Stunners is stunning. The babes are the cream of the crop, the photography is crisp and high quality, plus the videos are shot in HD. Every single detail is stunning.

Especially that price. How can they afford to update daily and with such high quality, exclusive content and only charge $25? Shit, I used to spend more than that on porno mags in a week.

I love you, Internet!

Put the divorce lawyer’s card away and grab your own Stunners password!

Posted By Rhino on 04/07/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes

bikiniriot Carli Banks

Summer is almost here and what better way to usher in the heat than a bikini riot? Today’s riot girl is Carli Banks. She is one of several models at A place where the porn stars you dream about don the world’s smallest bikinis before provocatively stripping them off and masturbating to a powerful orgasm.

To be a great babe site you need quality photography and lighting mixed with insanely hot models. Bikini Riot delivers on both fronts. It is like taking the girls in Playboy and going a step further than Playboy’s Playmates are willing to go.

The Bikini Riot babes don’t fit in one category. They have girls from all over the world with many different body types. Exotic babes like Crissy Moran, Jaime Hammer and Lela Star make things spicy with their big tits and shapely asses. Platinum blondes like Tylene Buck and Hannah Hilton sport the classic babe looks. Small tits teens like Charlie Laine and Nevaeh shore up the spring break look. And, last but not least, babes like Zdenka Podkapova and Christine Vinson have that bikini pinup look your wall is dying to display!

There are tons of preview samples in the Bikini Riot tour and the samples are so fucking hot you almost forget they are lower resolution samples. In the members area everything is high definition!

Members are treated to 3 to 4 updates a week at Bikini Riot. Your password to Bikini Riot is also good at their sister sites Riot Girls and Euro Sensations. That brings your update schedule to daily!

Posted By on 03/27/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes


Dam Vanessa Cooper sure does get my juices flowing.

Maybe its the way she is slightly showing off that nice firm ass or her all natural C-cup breast just hanging there, what ever it is she make the perfect addition to

Twistys is already considered the webs #1 babe site with over 2,000 of the hottest babes in 1,000,000 pictures and 17,000 videos. With that much content only an idiot would not want a membership to Twistys.

If you feel like you need to take Twistys for a test drive before you commit to becoming a member feel free. They  have this section where they let you check out a new scene for free. Every Sunday they have a full and complete scene right on the main page for you to watch

Posted By Rhino on 03/05/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes


Bring it back…

That old New York rap…

It is time to bring this blog back to some true babes and to kick it off we have Hanna Hilton. What makes her a true babe? A ginormous set of tits certainly helps! A face you would give your left arm to wake up to is another quality that makes a true babe. Add to all of this a body the begins with great feet, long as-a-mother-fucker legs, perfect ass and torso, female arms (sorry Madonna) and a good neck. Not to long and not to short.

This babe is straight out of Playboy!

However, unlike Playboy models Hanna Hilton gets a bit naughty with her favorite toys and her favorite friends. You know what I always say, why have just 1 babe when you can have 2 for the same price?

Well, it gets even better, my friend!


Because, you don’t just get this 34DD-26-34 Scorpio, vixen with your membership… You also get access to all of her friends! Check her friends link on the tour for all of the info. I will tell you that her friends are all smoking hot and most of them do hardcore!

So there you have it. A true babe has babes for friends and she doesn’t mind sharing. Therefore, Hanna Hilton is definitely a true babe!

Posted By Rhino on 02/27/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes


If you enjoy babe sites like Beauty is Divine give yourself a pat on the back. You can appreciate porn on a higher level than most. After all, what is porn ultimately?

Porn is a form of erotic art and at Beauty is Divine certain criteria must be met before the art can make its way into the members area. First, the model must be a babe. Not just any babe, but one that is undeniably hot. She must leave her mark on you. Have you dreaming of her even when you are no longer online.

Next, you need a professional photographer. No, that doesn’t mean someone that took some pics of a wedding or even someone that takes pics that end up in magazines. unless the magazines in question are Playboy and Maxim. This photographer isn’t just adjusting for lighting conditions and taking crisp photos. They must present their subject as a work of art!

Finally, the makeup person, the lighting people, the set designers and everything else a quality model shoot entails must all be spot on!

If. and only if all of those criteria come together correctly the members area can be updated. It is nice to know that some people still care about quality in this tough economy!

In order to continue their extreme attention to the details Beauty is Divine updates once a week on Friday. Because of the down turned economy they lowered the price.

Join today for only $19.95 a month!

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Posted By Rhino on 02/06/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes


Aw, what the fuck? It’s the weekend so I thought I’d throw in an extra babe for you!

How would you like to wrap yourself up with these two flesh filled pillars of fun? Their names are Charlie and Jenny and they are not lesbians, their bisexual!

Super Glam is one of those sites that takes the hottest women and even a few girl next doors and makes them even hotter. New babes are added on a weekly basis with each babe doing several picture sets and videos. The amount of archived content on this site is so fucking large it can only be described as bootylicious.

Everything at is shot exclusively by Super Glam so you won’t find it anywhere else. There are over 4000 high definition videos and over 100 thousand pics so crystal clear you’d think you were in the room with her. By the way, that is the idea isn’t it?

No matter where you are your downloads will always be lightning fast at Super Glam because they employ multiple content servers throughout the world. Videos can be streamed or downloaded and they are encoded in a variety of formats.

If you haven’t experienced Super Glam before now is the time!

Posted By Rhino on 10/22/08 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes

I like big tits and I like brunettes. Denise Milani is basically my ultimate fantasy girl and I am willing to share.

Denise Milani was born in the Czech Republic 28 years ago. Currently she is living in Southern California where Denise does work as a full-time model.

Unlike most sites built around one model, is full of interaction with the fans. Denise writes a diary and keeps it updated with what is going on in her life and where she can be seen next. Along with the diary she has a message board where her members can contact her.

In many of her photo sets and a few of her videos Denise invites her hot friends along. Remember, this chick is a model. A hot model that makes a ton of money without having to take her clothes off. Her friends look like Playboy Bunnies. Having Denise and one of her hot friends in the same video leaves you wondering how the film didn’t melt!

Photo resolutions reach as high as 4000 pixels and everything is fully downloadable. Zip sets are also available so you don’t have to do tedious work grabbing entire sets.

The videos are shot in 1280×720 HD. They are encoded in many formats including MOV, WMV, m4v (iPod) and for your cell phone. You can literally take this hottie with you where ever you go!

Access to Denise Milani is only $24.95 for 30 days which means you can whack off to this big tits, brunette babe for less than the price of feeding some kid you don’t know in another country. Hmm, maybe you can do both if your conscience is bothering you: Unicef USA.

Posted By Rhino on 10/07/08 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes

With all of this talk from the Grand Old Party about being mavericks I thought it was time to talk about a true maverick, Mary Carey.

Mary was conceived in a mental institution by a schizophrenic mother and a mentally disabled father who would later be diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

At age nineteen she left her charmed life at Florida Atlantic University where she was a student of theatrics and went into the adult business.

Mary has stated that in her past she once suffered from an altered mental state due to substance abuse, although, she doesn’t say which substance it was. When she became sober she decided to change her physical state along with her mental state and bought a pare of double-DD boobs. The old D-Cups were sold on Ebay with a portion of the proceeds going towards breast cancer research.

OK… Nice… But I opened this post up with politics… Well, in the 2003 California Governor recall election of Gray Davis (the worst governor in the history of the United States), Mary Carey finished 10th in a field of 135 candidates.

So, I know that McCain got shot down and served his country as a POW that made it out alive. I know that Obama came from crappy circumstances to achieve more than even most white people do in his situation. But, one has to look at Mary Carey and her willingness to literally give a part of herself for the good of humanity and say, “Holy SHIT! Why is this girl not running for President of the United States?

Think about it. By now you have already rubbed one or twelve out over Governor Palin. Wouldn’t it be the ultimate if our President was so fucking hot and had such an open mind that you could rub out out to her rubbing one out?

Fuck yeah!

And how about this for a political scandal… The female President Mary Carey fucked (with a strap-on dildo) the VP’s wife! And….

Does it on video!

McCain already put Paris Hilton in an ad for the race for President. Having the fore-mentioned Mary Carey fantasy is basically the logical next step right? Am I right?

Until then we can enjoy Mary Carey at Swank, Genesis, Velvet, Gent and You can also enjoy Leg Action and Just 18. This is because you get access to all of the sites for one low price of only $29.95 a month. Stop going to the liquor store down the street to buy all of those magazines separately for $60 when you can get them all online for half the price (tax included).

Mary Carey has put forth the ultimate savings plan for all Americans and those abroad. Be a patriot or just a smart fellow and take her up on this insane deal now!

Posted By Rhino on 08/14/08 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes

I am not sure how a hottie like Charlie Laine ended up with a domain for her web site that conjures up a picture of a big blue tuna fish and a coupons to get 50 cents of your next purchase of tuna fish but here we are. Should we continue down this road or talk about her sweet tits and rock hard ass?

Yeah, I know you really wanted to stay on the tuna thing but my blog is about hot babes, not cold fish.

Charlie Laine got her start in porn while living in Florida back in 2002. She originally did bondage videos and rarely performed boy-girl scenes. There are however many videos and picture sets of her going solo and with other girls.

In 2006 Charlie Laine became the Penthouse Pet of the Month for February. She also appeared in Barely Legal and eventually in Hustler. Also in 2006 she appeared on The Howard Stern Show where she road the Sybian to orgasm.

Now you can see Charlie on her own web site. No more having to hunt down her content, it is all in one place, There you can even interact with Charlie Laine via her forums, live web cam shows with chat and via Email. Members are updated on where and what she is doing through her diary and journal entries.

Club Charlie updates weekly with new pics and videos. She gets completely nude and pokes herself in her videos. Her and her female sex partners go all the way. Sure Penthouse might have her tongue 1 inch from a vagina, but Club Charlie has it 1 inch inside her friend’s vaginas!

Members also get access to her fellow porn star friends Crissy Moran, Lonnie Waters and Natalie Cruze. Plus you get access to Glamour Models Gone Bad and Amateurs Gone Bad. Forget weekly updates because this network updates daily!

Posted By Rhino on 07/28/08 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes

Oh my dear sweet, Amy Reid. I must have fucked you over a hundred times already (in my head). Looking at your pussy in that bikini reminds me of the times we would sixty-nine. What was that whole finger in the butt thing about? I’m not complaining, just wondering is all.

Why didn’t you tell me you had done some modeling for Bikini Riot? I would have come by and fucked you several more times…

Well, I am here now so get that tight little pussy of yours ready because looking at you has me thinking "All-Nighter". It might be the beer talking or the joint perhaps, but damn girl, I am going to fuck you six ways till Sunday tonight!

Don’t worry about me tapping your ass too often either. With dozens of other bikini models at Bikini Riot I will have plenty to keep me occupied. You know me better than I know myself. I like to switch shit up and go from big tits to small tits. Wide asses to petite butts. Landing strips to completely bare. Thanks for understanding my need for an open relationship too. I really appreciate it.

When I am done with the bikini models at Bikini Riot I think I will take a stroll on over to Riot Girls. All of my favorite models masturbating their tight pussies in every way imaginable. It is free to members of Bikini Riot, as is access to Euro Sinsations.

Boy I am not going to get anything done this week!

Posted By Rhino on 07/23/08 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes

Sandy Summers has been around the block and back. Even with all of that mileage she still looks as good as when she was first getting started. Like many a porn star before her, Sandy Summers has become the master of her domain. Her web domain that is. is Sandy’s second web site. No bad blood with the last one, she just wanted a bigger piece of the pie and so she set out on her own. The old members were rolled into the new members so no down time, everyone is happy. Especially Sandy Summers.

That is why we should all be happy too. This is the only time a model has done this and achieved this kind of outcome to my knowledge. Sandy had her members best interests at heart and paid a very large sum of cash so the split would remain amicable. Sandy cares about you.

So what can you expect as a member of Sandy Summers? Well, this blonde bombshell with a sweet set of tits aims to please. That is why she updates three times a week with two hot picture sets and a high def video.

Currently there are over 380 picture sets available and this girl loves to model panties and bikinis. Her whoppers look so damn inviting while they try to bust out of their confinements. Along with Sandy you also get her friends. Sandy Summers has plenty of girl-girl sets and she does hardcore.

There are over 170 high definition videos and they come in IPOD format too so you can take Sandy with you on the road. Even share her with some of your lucky friends. In addition to the videos you get her archived cam shows plus new live ones every week.

Sandy Summers is committed to her growing fan base and regularly interacts with them in her members forum. Become a member now and put your request in for her next video… who knows, she might invite you along for the ride!

Technorati Tags: sandy summers, sandy, summers, babe, babes, bikini, blonde, big tits

Posted By on 06/18/08 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes

Stunners Presents Anita Dark just about to freshen up by taking nice hot shower. Before Anita jumps in there, Stunners was in the right place at the right time to see Anita wanting  to have a little fun first. Stunners video taped her stripping down in the most sensual way and then working  her pussy up so that it is really moist and creamy. Now that Anita Dark is ready she pulls out her toy cock to finish her orgasm. And wow does she finish it!

The most amazing women on the planet are waiting for you here at Shown in the best quality photos and HD Videos! Stunners updates their site every day with the sexiest babes around! You will have no problem finding the most alluring women in the world here at Stunners. You will never get bored while browsing huge collection of stunning gorgeous babes.

Come check it out and become a member today and get full access to all the crystal clear high definition videos and a ton of super high-resolution photos for as low as $0.49 a day.

Posted By on 06/12/08 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes


To say that Shawna Lenee is a babe would be an understatement. With a tight body, ample breast and a sweet pink pussy, its no wonder why she was chosen as Twistys Treat Of The Month for May.

Twistys prides itself on having The Hottest Babes on earth. They strive to make you happy by featuring models who they know will appeal to you their fans and members. That’s why, when they find a babe who has what their members enjoy, they make them official Twistys Treat of the Month.

So get your membership to before they announce the Twistys Treat Of the Month for June.

Posted By on 05/26/08 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes


If seeing the picture of Ashlynn Brooke playing with bubbles doesn’t give you instant wood. Then you might as well shut off your computer and go spend time with your fat ass wife because that is what you are into.

You will not find an ounce of fat on Ashlynn Brooke, she is the picture of perfection. She has that sweet innocent look to go with a nice tight body.

I am glad we have a 3 day weekend because I already spent 2 days on it and I cant wait to finish this post so I can go back and watch some of her private videos. She has this thing about people watching her that really gets her going.

So get your membership to and witness her naughty and adventurous sides for your self. The best part is that she  adds a new video every week.

Posted By Rhino on 05/17/08 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes

We all know how diligent is to the pursuit of introducing the most beautiful females to the world. With the babes at Playboys All Naturals like Shanis Mcghee we definitely keep the tradition going on with great quality girls. Her body is totally Playboys All Natural home grown beauty.

Shanis Mcghee is our rockstar surfer girl.  She is definitely a guys girl in that she likes to get down and dirty. She is an active sports lover. She plays hockey, basketball and has been used to wearing nice sexy bikinis since she has been surfing since 8 yrs old. Imagine she likes to rock and be nude playing the guitar while doing it.  You see how gorgeous Shanis Mcghee looks in this bikini. Click on picture and get an eyeful of her Rocking Hard naked body

Be sure to continue the tour see the details of what you receive as member to this highly desired site on net today.

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