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Posted By Rhino on 12/30/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes


Met-Art is one of the longest running “porn” sites on the Internet. I put porn in quotes because it is a porn site like no other. Well, there are now plenty of copycats, but Met-Art was the first erotic nude site of its kind. Since then they have really branched out!

To get an idea of just how hard they work over there at Met-Art, lets break down their December update schedule:

  • 122 Updates total
  • 114 Models in the updates
  • 28 New models for the month of December
  • 11 Videos
  • 111 Picture sets
  • 27 Different photographers

Met-Art has everything from barely legal girls that just reached the age of consent to smoking hot big tits babes. Every hair color, eye color, body shape, hair style (both above and below the waist), breast size and temperament. And you can use all of these characteristics in your searches too. at the same time!

With over 1300 models and 4 to 7 daily updates daily it is like finding your Uncle’s Playboy stash spanning decades back. Only, now you get to download this stash instead of leaving it right where you found it!

Take the Met-Art tour and see the samples. Their photography is simply amazing. Their women are out of this world!

Posted By Rhino on 12/10/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes


You probably have a hectic life and have no time for things outside of your spectrum of daily life. That is where I come in. It is my job to open up that rainbow and let the colors bleed into one another giving you more to chew on.

Speaking of chewing on those. Fuck me if Maria Ozawa doesn’t have some tasty looking tits. I could bite on her nipples for like. ever!

So back to what I was saying. You are here because you are a babe fan. Well, Maria Ozawa is one of Japan’s hottest babes. She is what you call an Asian Idol. It is kind of like American Idol only the Asian ones are much cuter and they don’t sing. They just look pretty. Anybody have a problem with that? Didn’t think so.

Moving on. JSex Network is full of Asian Idols like Maria Ozawa. So who the fuck are they? I guess you could consider them The Playboy of Japanese Porn. Only bigger!

As a JSexNetwork member you get both hardcore and softcore. Now imagine what the Playboy channel would be like if their hot centerfolds did more then just strip and dance provocatively. That is the Jsex Network!

With hundreds of models and thousands of full length movies you might find yourself turning Japanese. or at least coming down with an itchy case of yellow fever.

Don’t forget to buy a Fleshlight. It helps cure that itch like nobody’s business!

Posted By Rhino on 12/04/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes


The porn universe is full of cookie-cutter bullshit. Sites that look exactly the same, sound exactly the same and are basically exactly the same. I hate that kind of shit. I prefer sites that kickass and break the mold.

Sites like FTV Girls.

At FTV Girls you will become privy to the inner workings of girls from around the world. All captured in extreme high resolution photos and videos. I truly hope you have a good connection to the Internet because you are going to need it at FTV Girls!

In the FTV Girls video above we have Courtney showing us what supposedly innocent girls do when they are alone. I am sure you wife or girlfriend is going to deny that girls masturbate with curling irons, but we have the proof!

The girls all do interviews in which they are asked questions such as, when did you first start masturbating, what was your technique, have you ever kissed a girl and more. They often masturbate in public. And when I say public I mean traffic driving by, pedestrians walking by and even snapping cell phone photos!

You are not going to find another site like FTV Girls and you certainly won’t find one with as much exclusively shot video content. Take the tour and check out the video samples on the site. I can’t stress how fucking amazingly clear they are.

The owner just recently announced FTV Girls has hit the 30,000 members a month mark. How can that many people be wrong? That isn’t the lifetime membership, that is how many people rebill each month and consider themselves lifetime members of this fine site!

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