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Posted By Rhino on 10/07/08 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes

With all of this talk from the Grand Old Party about being mavericks I thought it was time to talk about a true maverick, Mary Carey.

Mary was conceived in a mental institution by a schizophrenic mother and a mentally disabled father who would later be diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

At age nineteen she left her charmed life at Florida Atlantic University where she was a student of theatrics and went into the adult business.

Mary has stated that in her past she once suffered from an altered mental state due to substance abuse, although, she doesn’t say which substance it was. When she became sober she decided to change her physical state along with her mental state and bought a pare of double-DD boobs. The old D-Cups were sold on Ebay with a portion of the proceeds going towards breast cancer research.

OK… Nice… But I opened this post up with politics… Well, in the 2003 California Governor recall election of Gray Davis (the worst governor in the history of the United States), Mary Carey finished 10th in a field of 135 candidates.

So, I know that McCain got shot down and served his country as a POW that made it out alive. I know that Obama came from crappy circumstances to achieve more than even most white people do in his situation. But, one has to look at Mary Carey and her willingness to literally give a part of herself for the good of humanity and say, “Holy SHIT! Why is this girl not running for President of the United States?

Think about it. By now you have already rubbed one or twelve out over Governor Palin. Wouldn’t it be the ultimate if our President was so fucking hot and had such an open mind that you could rub out out to her rubbing one out?

Fuck yeah!

And how about this for a political scandal… The female President Mary Carey fucked (with a strap-on dildo) the VP’s wife! And….

Does it on video!

McCain already put Paris Hilton in an ad for the race for President. Having the fore-mentioned Mary Carey fantasy is basically the logical next step right? Am I right?

Until then we can enjoy Mary Carey at Swank, Genesis, Velvet, Gent and You can also enjoy Leg Action and Just 18. This is because you get access to all of the sites for one low price of only $29.95 a month. Stop going to the liquor store down the street to buy all of those magazines separately for $60 when you can get them all online for half the price (tax included).

Mary Carey has put forth the ultimate savings plan for all Americans and those abroad. Be a patriot or just a smart fellow and take her up on this insane deal now!

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