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Posted By Rhino on 10/13/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Babes


Sweet Jesus does this girl ever have a set of tits that just won’t quit. They are so thick and tasty looking that I can’t quit looking at them!

Yes, my job sucks ass. I have to look at hot babes with thick tits and a shaved pussy every fucking day. It sucks! But I love it. I mean, you have to love what you do and who wouldn’t enjoy gawking at Helen and her Breath Takers?

Breath wha???

The site she is posing for is called Breath Takers. It is a mix of several things. It is an erotic art site featuring nudes. It is both a professional model and an amateur model site. There is something strange about that last part. Why is it that when you take a girl that would score a six and a half on a scale of one to ten and dress her up, make her up and pose her like a super model, suddenly guys forget she is a six and a half!


I am pretty sure I know. It is because your own woman is a six and a half and can look like a nine if she’d just try. If it isn’t a wedding or a cruise, she ain’t getting all fancied up.

This principal made Hustler’s Beaver Hunt one of the hottest sections of his men’s magazine. So hot Mr. Flint would eventually devote an entire magazine just to girl next door types.

Well, like I said early, there are also well known models too. At Breath Takers you never know what you will find. Except for that what ever you do find is going to be fappable!

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